Dad / Husband / Friend

Russell Harris

Russell Harris, Dad / Husband / Friend

Who is this guy? Well, when Jon invited me to join the team at Live 30A, he asked me to describe myself in 3 words. So I asked some of my closest friends and they came up with "Just, Empathic & Witty." I would later find out that Jon meant the roles that define me - hence the "Dad, Husband, Friend." But I think the list my friends came up with serves well to describe me. I'm an intensely blessed, quirky, laid back, loyal and loving guy. I also happen to be a proud husband with deep admiration and reverence for my beautiful wife and a fiercely devoted dad. After years of vacationing to 30A, my wife and I took a trip out here shortly after our daughter was born and made the decision to call this place home. It took 3 years of selling and donating our stuff, living with my in-laws, renting out (then selling) our house, but in 2018 we achieved our goal to be 30 on 30A! In the time since we've been here, we have fallen in love with the area and the people who share this community - this place truly is a paradise. There's a lot of love to be found here. I welcome you to share in that love, and would be grateful for the opportunity to help you see it come to life. Have a blessed day and know that you are loved!

Office Location: 274 Serenoa Rd Suite 1F, Santa Rosa Beach

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